Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks for Crushing Our Dreams Obama!

So I asked MiniMe if she got to watch the President's address to school children in her classroom today. Of course they did. And if you're one of those whack job conspiracy theorists who made an anonymous call to your school district demanding that the school not expose the kids to the speech . . .you wasted your dime on that call. Idiot!

Anyway, MiniMe said she thought it was a good speech and that her favorite part was when Obama "told a little about his life." She also said that there were a few audible groans from some kids in her fifth grade class when Pres. Obama spoke about not counting on becoming professional athletes, rappers or reality show stars when they grew up, because most likely they wouldn't. 

"Thanks for crushing our dreams Mr. President!!" MiniMe giggled. 

I listened to the speech on the radio today. I only caught about 20 minutes of it. He didn't say anything new, at least nothing I haven't already heard him say before. I appreciated the straight talk he doled out to kids about "doing their part" for themselves and their country by staying in school, staying out of trouble and giving their best. Somebody has to remind kids that success doesn't just fall in your lap. You have to work for it. And the fact that U.S. kids got to hear that fantasy-crushing, soul-sucking, reality-smacking pep talk from the President of the United States, well, all the better. Cause let's face it, they don't listen to their parents. 

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a corgi said...

Mr. Obama wasn't my choice for president, but in all fairness, I thought his speech was a good one for students for the most part; he and me disagree on some philosphies but that's okay

of course the kids won't be rappers or athletes or reality show stars, they'll be presidents! got to shoot for the stars!!