Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Signs of Fall

My husband has scheduled a vacation for us in October that will hopefully allow us to see the fall leaves changing in the north Georgia mountains. I've never really experienced it. Beloved is a yankee, so he grew up experiencing the change of seasons. Being a Florida native, we experience the change of seasons, too, but fall isn't one of our "seasons."

Since the temperatures in late September here in Florida are still in the high 80s with a humidity level of about 90%, my husband gets very wistful for the temperature change and other signs of fall that he experienced in his youth. I try to empathize. I'm sure if someone transplanted me to the north, there are a lot of things about Florida I would miss. 

So I try to point out the "signs of fall" in Florida to Beloved. Certainly these things can't replace the fall remembrances of his childhood, but at least I can try to reprogram him to identify the subtle signs of fall in the Sunshine State. Here are a few I've identified, feel free to comment with your own.
  • High school football season starts, which means most parents/grandparents spend their Friday nights at a stadium someplace getting eaten by bugs.
  • The lines at Florida Theme Parks get shorter. 
  • You get your tax bill. 
  • Halloween decorations start appearing in neighbors yards, wilting under the Florida sun. 
  • Kids in the neighborhood start hitting you up for sales of wrapping paper, popcorn, candy, etc. to support their schools and activities. 
  • Your local TV weatherman/woman starts to look as if they're getting a little more sleep as hurricane season winds down. 

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