Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing Plain Brown Dog

I took a big step this week. 

Animal rescue is close to my heart. I've been a volunteer for the local humane society for about 3 years. I adopted my dog Boo Radley 2 years ago, and although he's a velcro dog (he's stuck to me 24/7) and afraid of thunderstorms, he brings me a lot of joy. I'm an energetic advocate for adopting pets and I try to walk the talk. 

Last week my humane society called me and asked if I would consider fostering a dog. Misty has been at the shelter since February. She's a good dog. A senior dog whose owner surrendered her due to job loss. But like many dogs at the shelter, she hasn't been adopted because she's simply a plain brown dog (PBD). No particular breed. She's not teacup size, she's not a puppy. She's a medium sized PBD. So despite the fact that she's housebroken, very gentle, doesn't bark much, is good around dogs and kids, she still goes unnoticed. 

And lately she's gotten depressed, has stopped coming to greet the volunteers when they visit her kennel. She even started pulling her toenails out in distress. It was time for a change for Misty.

So I took Radley down for a doggie meet and greet last week. It went well. My stepson has agreed to help me out with the fostering by working with me to find a home for her and by helping out with her care. I brought her home today after she had her surgery (spay and neuter folks!!!). She's confused. A little sad. But I figure in a few weeks she'll be happy & healthy and ready for a forever home.

In the  meantime, I'm putting on my PR hat and marketing this great PBD out in the community. Of course, she now has her own blog, which I will use to help attract a new family. To raise money for her adoption and for adoption of PBDs like her, I've opened an online store. You can find the link to my store at the bottom of NativeMom and on the new website PlainBrownDog.

If you, or someone you know, would like to adopt a friendly, sweet, gentle, kind, low maintenance PBD, let me know! She deserves a forever home. Don't we all? Wish us luck! 


a corgi said...

such a cute dog!! I admire you for the work you are doing; hope you find her forever home soon


Anonymous said...

I love this campaign -- great job, NativeMom!

Cheryl Coxwell said...

As the proud and happy owner of 2 PBD's, or as I like to call them, "my brown children", thank you for taking home this one. If I had room, I'd take her in an instant. I'm putting the word out for you.