Friday, September 25, 2009

Smile & Wave

MiniMe had a friend visiting for the day (damn those teacher duty days!!). So off they went with me while I ran my errands on a Friday morning. First stop, the bank drive thru. And of course, it was 2 or 3 cars deep in each lane, because it was Friday. 

We finally get our turn with the teller and we're in the lane that is farthest away from the giant window behind which the tellers are working. 

"Mom, roll down my window please" asks MiniMe when she realizes the child lock is engaged on the windows in the back seat. I roll the window down and continue preparing my deposit. Off I send it with a whoosh! From the backseat I hear giggling, and some chatter.

"Helllloooooo! Beautiful day! Hellooooo!"

I look in my rearview mirror and see MiniMe encouraging her girlfriend to join her in something that looks a lot like the Queen's wave with the beauty-queen-acknowledging-the-masses-from-her-parade-float posture. 

"Smile and wave, smile and wave" she encourages her friend, who's now fully involved in the princess posturing as well.

What are you doing? I ask. 

"This time, I'm gonna make sure the bank teller knows there's cute kids back here so we get lollipops! Helloooo!"

Next thing I know there's a statically crackle and the teller's voice squeaks over the car-side intercom, "How many lollipops would you like?"

Giggle, giggle . . ."YES!!! It worked!!"

I'll take two please. 

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