Friday, September 11, 2009


What a very, very long week. Now that the weekend is here, my family is up to its usual tricks.

Stepson has taken off for a two-day fishing trip. There will be junk food, fishing, lots of silly young guy hi-jinks and no parents around. I think they're gonna camp or sleep in the bed of the pick up truck. 

Beloved is itching to get out on his new surfboard. When my motorcycle loving man found a used surfboard that had red and gold flames painted on it, I knew it was a mute point to put up any argument on whether or not he should splurge on the purchase. 

My soccer crazy teenage stepdaught is .. .playing soccer this weekend. What else? 

And MiniMe and I are going to ride our bikes and enjoy a family reunion of sorts. My mother's side of the family, whom I haven't seen since I was probably MiniMe's age, is all coming into town with their kids, grandkids. So it will be a Florida Native family reunion. I figure there will be a lot of good southern homecooked food. Count me in ...burp!

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