Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ok, So I'm Not a Morning Person

I'm teaching a few classes at local colleges as an adjunct instructor this semester. One of my classes is scheduled Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. Since I've been working from my home office for 6 years, it's been a long time since I had to get up and get ready for work early in the morning like normal people do. So this morning, I was feeling very proud of myself for getting out the door on time, dressed, make-up and class materials organized and in tow. Or so I thought.

About halfway to the school, I reached to adjust my seat belt and realized . . .I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PUT ON MY BRA!!!!!!

Panic ensued! How could I have forgotten half my underwear?!? So much for "dressing professionally" this morning.

Now I know you think I'm making this up. Believe me, I wish I were. Lucky for me, the dress I was wearing had a built in liner and a crazy, complicated print pattern that I talked myself into believing would "hide" my undergarment faux pas.  Since several young male students in my class actually fell asleep this morning, I guess it was hardly noticeable. Still, I'm worried that more than one student left my class this morning thinking "Jeez! How did I end up in the class taught by the skeezy white trash ho bag?"

Mom always said I should lay my clothes out the night before . . . .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe I should be careful what I watch on TV

I'm a big fan of Law & Order: SVU. Mostly because of that sexy Chris Meloni and the always entertaining Ice-T (remember when he was just a renegade rapper?). I've seen just about every episode. Last night I was watching the show on my TV in the kitchen while I made dinner. MiniMe was chatting with me and watching it too. Which, considering the nature of the show (sex crimes) has led to many delicate discussions over the years.

Ok, here's where all the really good parents out there are horrified, right? How can I let my daughter watch a show about solving sex crimes?!?  Well, I'm a slacker mom and I don't believe in sheltering her from the big bad world. Plus, not letting her watch it would mean I couldn't watch it. And, well, um. Anyway, back to my story.

One of the characters on the show last night was a prostitute. MiniMe says "That would have to be the worst job to have. I would never want that job."

What job, I ask. Being a police detective?

"No, being a hooker! That's a terrible job because you have to get in cars with strange people."

(And that's not all I think to myself). So I say, "Yes, well I don't think anyone grows up and aspires to be a hooker. It's not the kind of job most people pursue willingly."

I think it's really cute how she referred to being a prostitute as a 'job.' Like it's in the same league as being a school teacher or an electrician or a nurse or something. Guess I never thought about prostitution as a vocation. I mean it's "doing a job" but not a career. Are you with me on this?

Made me think about all those reality-type shows based on people's jobs. Deadliest Catch. Ice Road Truckers. Animal Cops.  Hmmm, maybe it could be featured on that show Dirty Jobs or one of those ridiculous Real Housewives shows.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biker Blogger

I got my first paying gig as a blogger this month. For the next 2 months, I'll be blogging for Biketoberfest.org as their  local rider expert. The goal is to promote the October Biketoberfest event in Daytona Beach, but also to call attention to the area as the perfect year-round vacation destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.

I'm interested in turning this 2 month blogging contract into more of an annual contract. Our area is uniquely situated to attract motorcycle riders both in state and out-of-state. And most riders spend money when they travel. But for now, I'm just having fun being a "professional blogger."

I've been riding along with my husband for more than 8 years and got my own motorcycle 3 years ago. So I bring a little insight into what riders like and what they look for when they travel. And we do travel on the motorcycle. Last October we traveled to Tennessee on the motorcycle to see the leaves change. 11 hours one way. Boy was my butt tired!

Anyway, check it out if you get a chance.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Middle School Blues

Hey Everyone! It's MiniMe. Can we talk?

My mom (Native Mom) is soooo annoying! She made me do my homework all night BEFORE I could have dessert. And even though my math teacher is really mean, my mom says she "doesn't want to hear anything about the teacher, this is about doing your homework!" I mean, c'mon!

Tonight she dug around in my backpack and got all wigged out because she found some fliers that my teachers had sent home about their classroom and what we're learning and "expectations," blah, blah, blah! And apparently (big sigh!) me and mom were supposed to sign some of these and send them back, like, last Friday? Mom got mad cause I didn't give them to her and send them back in on time. I said "Chill!" but I said it really soft so I don't think Mom heard me.

I heard my Mom telling her friends that middle school is supposed to be a hard adjustment. Must be true, because my Mom is having a really hard time adjusting. All of a sudden, she's all over my case and even took my TV out of my room until "I can prove that I can handle my homework and keep up with my grades." (Big eye roll). Whatever!

Now she wants to start driving me to school instead of letting me ride the bus with my friends so I can get there early and go to "morning math tutoring." I told Mom that it wasn't tutoring in the morning, but a time for kids to come and finish homework. Only losers go to morning tutoring, and besides, that is the ONLY time I get to hang out with all my friends is before school.

I'm not sure I'm going to survive Mom's middle school transition.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Free tickets!

Don't forget to sign up to win 4 free passes to the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach. Winner will be drawn at random on August 31! Send your request for entry to me at flnativemom@gmail.com.

Follow Friday

I've become a Twitter geek, and if you're a Tweep as well,  you know about Follow Friday, or as us Tweeps call it #FF.  This gives Tweeps a chance to give a shout out to other Twitter users they like by suggesting that you follow them. And on, and on, the cycle continues.

So I thought I'd give Follow Friday a try here at my blog. I'm going to recommend blogs that I like on Fridays and encourage all you NativeMom friends to give them a visit.  Here goes.

Today the Native Mom blog is following Tootie at Sanibel Toot's Lazy Days,  Fresh From Florida, the Disney Food Blog, and A Corgi in Southern California.

Tell 'em Native Mom sent ya, and join me in the Follow Friday Blog movement!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

This was MiniMe on her first day of 1st Grade.  
Today she started the first day of Middle School. 

Still cute, but now she can make her own breakfast, dress herself and walk to and from the bus stop without me. Oh yeah, she can also roll her eyes at me and tune me out while texting. 

Growing up is soooooo much fun!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Annie Jr: A Test for Mom

I was so proud of MiniMe as she performed in her first "broadway-like" production this summer. The drama camp she attended put on a production of Annie at the end of July. This hour and a half long production with music, singing, dancing, props, costumes, the works, was all put together by the students and their instructors in only 3 weeks. They did a fantastic job!

I faced one of my greatest challenges to date as a mom at the start of drama camp. MiniMe had high hopes of landing a certain part during auditions. When I picked her up the day the parts were announced, I knew it had not gone her way. She was scowling and didn't say hardly one word on the drive home. When I asked if she wanted to talk about it she said "Not right now." The only thing I got out of her was that she didn't get the part she wanted.

When we got home she took off to her room upstairs and closed the door. I waited about 10 minutes then quietly knocked on her door and asked if she wanted to talk. "No, not right now" was the answer again.

What to do? I knew big disappointment was looming and had not a clue on how to help my child deal with it appropriately. I actually Googled "helping your child deal with disappointment" and read everything I could find.

About a half hour later she walked into my office and fell into big heaving sobs in my lap, her little shoulders shaking. She said she got assigned the part of an "extra orphan" and that she'd looked through the script and didn't even see the name of her orphan in the script anywhere. I suspected they had more kids than parts and so had created some roles for kids.

She said that worst of all, they had called all the kids together and announced everyone's parts at the end of the day and she had been embarrassed in front of her friends when they got better parts than her.

Embarrassment. Disappointment. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. All emotions I had to help my little one deal with at the same time. We talked and talked. I listened. Didn't try to tell her what to do, just acknowledged her feelings. As hard as it was, I was proud of the fact that not once did she say she wanted to quit the play. She was hurt but had decided to soldier on.

In the days and weeks that followed I saw so much positive attitude in my child. Every few days she came home and announced that she'd been given another small background role and by the time the play was upon us, she was in nearly every scene and had 3 costume changes. She enjoyed every minute of it and did a fantastic job, even if she didn't have a solo or speaking part.

She had her own cheering section at the performance. Mom, Dad, Grandmas, a great-grandma, and several friends. Her performance was great and I guess my performance as a mom wasn't so bad either.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glamorous Life

A few of my regular readers may have noticed I have not been blogging much lately (or maybe you haven't). Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know that what has been keeping me from my regular blog reports is my oh-so-glamorous life. Here's what I've been up to.

Spent last night holding hair while a kid threw up and threw up and threw up.

Just got a job as an adjunct teacher at a local community college - which means I have exactly 2 weeks to get all my class materials ready.

Finally caved and let MiniMe shave her legs for the first time. I had promised "once you're in middle school" and she called me on it since she starts middle school on Monday. Who knew it could take 40 minutes to shave 2 little legs and that I'd have to be there every minute to experience it with her?

Achieved my housekeeping goal for the summer and cleaned out several closets and the kitchen pantry of long-expired canned goods and seasonings. Unopened bottle of salad dressing that expired in 2006? Check! Half empty bottle of children's liquid Motrin in the medicine cabinet that expired in 2004? Check!

Took all my dogs to get current on vaccinations and checked for heartworms. No worms, lucky me!

But mostly, I spent the summer at home reading, cooking, enjoying the pool, etc. Without funds for a lavish summer vacation, what's a glamorous girl to do? But with school back in session next week, I'll be returning to the blogosphere on a more regular basis.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Slip 'N Slide Summer

We broke out the Slip 'N Slides yesterday. Wham-O introduced the Slip 'N Slide in 1961. My sister and I spent hours on ours in the front yard every summer. Despite the fact that we have a pool, our kids had a blast on this classic summer toy this weekend.

Wham-O has made some of the most simple, but most enjoyable toys of our generation and beyond. The Frisbee. The Hula Hoop. The Hacky Sack.

I highly encourage all you mom and dads out there to introduce your child to the Slip 'N Slide. Let the fun begin!