Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glamorous Life

A few of my regular readers may have noticed I have not been blogging much lately (or maybe you haven't). Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know that what has been keeping me from my regular blog reports is my oh-so-glamorous life. Here's what I've been up to.

Spent last night holding hair while a kid threw up and threw up and threw up.

Just got a job as an adjunct teacher at a local community college - which means I have exactly 2 weeks to get all my class materials ready.

Finally caved and let MiniMe shave her legs for the first time. I had promised "once you're in middle school" and she called me on it since she starts middle school on Monday. Who knew it could take 40 minutes to shave 2 little legs and that I'd have to be there every minute to experience it with her?

Achieved my housekeeping goal for the summer and cleaned out several closets and the kitchen pantry of long-expired canned goods and seasonings. Unopened bottle of salad dressing that expired in 2006? Check! Half empty bottle of children's liquid Motrin in the medicine cabinet that expired in 2004? Check!

Took all my dogs to get current on vaccinations and checked for heartworms. No worms, lucky me!

But mostly, I spent the summer at home reading, cooking, enjoying the pool, etc. Without funds for a lavish summer vacation, what's a glamorous girl to do? But with school back in session next week, I'll be returning to the blogosphere on a more regular basis.


Island Rider said...

Hope your child (Mini-me?) feels better soon. How did drama camp go?

The Florida Blogger said...

So, I guess we should start referring to you as professor. Congrats!

Sayre said...

Sounds like you got plenty done to me! Sometimes the blog just needs a break too.

Native Mom said...

Awww, you guys are all so supportive! Luvs me my blogger friends!

Island Rider - camp was a huge success. More on that in a separate post.

FB: Not sure they call us adjuncts professors, just "fresh meat" or "suckers."

Syre: If a great blogger like you suggests a break, that's advice I can gladly adhere to.

Librarytigger said...

What--notice you're missing? We're only going into withdrawal here, pitifully checking EVERY DAY to see what the latest news is...

Love to all of you and good luck to ALL of you this school year.