Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ballroom Dancing . . .the New Soccer

I was taking MiniMe to her swim class this week and we were discussing this and other after school activities. 

"You know what my perfect week would be, Mom?" asks MiniMe.

No, what.

"A week where I have an after school activity every day."

Hmm, I reply, that's funny. Because you've done nothing but complain about this after school activity. 

"Well, I'd be happy doing after school activities if I could go to ballroom dancing class after school each day."

Damn that Dancing with the Stars I thought to  myself. 

But MiniMe, I replied, I don't think they offer ballroom dancing to kids. I think that is more of an adult thing. 

"I could do it. I could do the salsa!" she happily points out as she wiggles her little white butt.

Well, I don't think you would really like ballroom dancing, since you didn't like the ballet and jazz classes you took a few years ago.

"But Mom, ballroom dancing is different. I'd get to dance with boys."

Heaven help me when she turns 16!!!

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