Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall in Florida - No Waiting!

Enjoyed the local waterpark with the family yesterday. Beautiful day, great weather, and no waiting in lines for the rides since the tourist season has wound down. The lazy river wasn't a crowded bumper-car like experience. I even rode a few rides with MiniMe. 

The strangest thing, though, and this really happened, unfortunately. There were two women at the park, sitting not far from me on the pool deck. I happened to talk to one of the women, who told me that she and her friend were there to have a fun day without their kids. Not exactly the place I would have chosen to go on a kid-free Saturday with my girlfriend - a waterpark with nothing but kids surrounding you. They were sitting at the little tiki bar at the waterpark for a while. About an hour later, I come strolling by and now one of the ladies is dancing, drunkedly, around the bar. Uh-oh, I thought to myself. Another hour later and now both of the ladies are dancing drunkedly and suggestively as children scamper past. Cut those two off, I thought. 

I get back from a trip around the lazy river, and now there's a small gathering of park personnel around the ladies. One has passed out on the pool deck after getting sick. The other is apologizing to the park personnel while sitting half on and half off her lounge chair. 

Geez! What were these two thinking? "Let's each pay $20 to go to a family-filled waterpark on Saturday, spend a fortune buying overpriced shots and mixed drinks at the poolside tiki bar, and then show the local kids the effects of binge drinking up close." 

We're steps away from the beach, which has several bars for adults along the boardwalk, and the family waterpark is where these two decide to booze it up?!? Stupidity runs rampant. 


ChrisC and JonJ said...

LMAO!If they wanted to be cougars,couldn't they have found a better place?
But then,there is no life guard in the gene pool.

Floridacracker said...

That is funny/weird!
What WERE they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Ha that sounds like what I occasionaly see in class.