Monday, April 20, 2009

He's in the wrong 15%

I learned today that my dog Scout may be part of a small, rare group of dogs. Those that don't respond to 2 years of allergy injections. Poor Scout went for his monthly allergy shot today. He's in a bad way and looks like he has mange. If you are a human who suffers from allergy season, you will empathize. It was no surprise to find that yes, he has a skin infection. And yes, I had to break out the checkbook for skin scrapings, fungal tests and a round of antibiotics. At one point the doc asked if I had seen a difference in Scout since we started the allergy injections. I gave him an exasperated look with a hint of peavishness. I think the only thing I've noticed that has improved since I started giving the dog allergy injections is the model of car my veterinarian drives. That's when he said that about 15% of dogs just don't respond to allergy injections. Imagine that, my little overachiever! 

On the way out, the receptionist made some sort of comment about pet vet insurance. 

"Just what I need," I growled. "One more insurance company drowning me in daily paperwork to inform me that I have to provide proof of insurance, of coverage, that the doctor's visit/test/medication was necessary, and oh by the way, we're not covering that." 

With the paperwork our new insurance company has blanketed us with in the last 8 months, I could have wallpapered my entire house. The last thing I need is to jump through a bunch of hoops for vet pet insurance while they take my monthly payments and refuse reimbursement. 

You know at the very least I should be able to set up a flexible spending account for my vet bills. Maybe I'll write to Barack Obama. He's working on revamping health care, right? And now he's a dog owner. So, he'll understand. 


Island Rider said...

You think you got it bad? My HORSE is allergic to hay, oats, apples, oak trees, flies and dust mites (also cats, which is way beyond weird). The vet proposed allergy shots, but I decided against them. I changed his feed and hay, he wears a fly sheet at night to protect from bugs and that is as good as it is going to get. I just dropped the health insurance on him. With a $500 deductible, it wasn't worth it. Good luck to Scout!

NativeMom said...

Do they make allergen free horse feed?