Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Perfect Summer Camp

My conversation with MiniMe yesterday . . . 

NM: Your friend Libby's mom called today. She has signed Libby up for a summer camp and wanted to let me know the dates in case you wanted to go to camp with Libby. It's in June and it is a science and technology camp at the local college. 

MiniMe: Science camp?!? I don't want to LEARN anything over summer. Half the fun of summer vacation, no, all the fun of summer vacation is NOT LEARNING anything. 

NM: Well, I'm sure they would make it fun and you wouldn't even realize you were learning something. 

MiniMe: Who wants to learn science during summer break? The kids in the program will be like "Greetings Starfinder!" (as she holds her hand up in the Spock greeting sign from Star Trek. Then she begins to sing) The Milky Way's connected to the Star Field. . . The star field's connected to the . . .

NM: So you're saying that Science camp is for dorks?

MiniMe: (stilll singing) The Big Dipper's connected to the . . . YES!

NM: Well, I guess I should let Libby's mom know that if she signs Libby up for a summer camp where you sleep in each day, eat popcorn and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, zone out watching cartoons, then take a break from the couch to swim in the pool that you'd be interested?

MiniMe: Don't forget about making brownies in the kitchen each day . . . and NOT cleaning up after the mess!

NM: Yea, what perfect summer camp would be complete without NOT cleaning up the mess . . . 


Kimberlee said...

I'd actually be interested in EITHER of those camps! Sign me up!!! :)

NativeMom said...

Oh to be forced to go to summer camp .. . I gotta work all summer. Bummer.