Friday, April 24, 2009

Prom Prep

My Stepson is going to the Senior Prom. Not only is this his first prom, but it's practically his first real date. He's been a red-faced, fumbling, sheepish mess. It's been so much fun for me, the evil stepmom. Last week he asked me to take him to get his tux. The first question I asked was "What color is your date's dress?" 

Stepson: It's blue. Several different shades of blue.

NM: Have you actually seen the dress?

SS: Yes. Why?

NM: Because we'll need to match your tie and cummerbund to your date's dress. That's why you need to know the color.

SS: Really? Why do I have to do that?

NM: It's tradition. That way you match your date. 

SS: But I don't want to wear a blue tux!

NM: No, the whole tux doesn't have to be blue. Just the bow tie and cummerbund. 

SS: Do I have to? I want to wear all black and white.

NM: Well, it's tradition. 

SS: I just want to look like James Bond.

So you can imagine the look I got when we got to the tuxedo rental place last Friday and the first thing the salesman asked Stepson was "What color is your date's dress?" Oh yea, I got a look that communicated "Did you set this up in advance?!?"

Lucky for him, they were out of the color he needed to match. So he got his James Bond wish. And MiniMe and I got to tag along for the embarrassing tuxedo fitting. Below is the experience captured on film from MiniMe's perspective. 

By the way, I surprised him and paid for the tux to make up for using him as Blog fodder (and for being such a good sport with his little sister and her video camera). 


Island Rider said...

We are doing the same thing, but youngest son's girlfriend insisted his bow tie and cumberbund match her dress so we drove all over town and into the next to get a BLUE one to match. He opted for a black suit instead of tux and we bought it at a little over what the tux rental would have been. Today I ordered the wrist corsage. White with irredscent ribbon as blue was too hard for the florist to match. His prom is next weekend. When is your stepson's?

Cam said...

Whoa! The surfer dude cleans up very nice! With the haircut he's looking kindof like his dad. Did you say y'all are letting him drive the Mustang?

Floridacracker said...

That's funny, because looking like Bond was Juniors sole goal also.

caroline said...

I have the daughter going to Prom, which was last night. Didn't care what he chose, but he did, so the fuschia pink dress was matched by the bright pink pocket square and vest. Her "Cinderella" slippers were her Converse hightops...bright purple. I am guessing there is no Bond girl that wears them, but several of Rachel's friends did! Eeep.
Kids had a great time but arrived home after Post Prom event at school in 4" of SNOW!
Got to love South Dakota and its infinite variety of was 83 on Thursday.

NativeMom said...

Boys wearing blue and pink bowties, girls wearing purple hightops, being young is so much fun!

An update, Stepson had a blast at prom. Danced all night long . . .