Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom On Strike - No SCABS allowed!

I'm keeping a very close eye on a social experiment VOR is conducting this week. If it works, I may begin to put it in practice here at Casa NativeMom. But I'm hoping I won't have to. 

My friend VOR (Voice of Reason) is on strike. Mom Strike. She has two "kids" at home. I use the term "kids" loosely because one is age 20 and one is a teenage girl. Enuf said.

Seems the "kids" haven't been pulling their weight at Casa VOR. So she decided if the kids weren't going to do their chores around the house (clean their room, put laundry in the hamper, take out the trash, etc) then she wasn't going to do her "mom chores" either. And just like that, faster than you can say Norma Rae, she went on strike. I checked in with her yesterday, day 5 of her refusing to make dinner for the family every evening when she got home from a long day of work. By the way, VOR is a single mom, working full time and going to school part-time to get her master's degree. She's SuperWoman. 

So I asked "How's the strike going?"

VOR: Well, I'm on my way home from work. It's been 5 days now and I'm still not making dinner.

NM: Five days?!? So by now, the "kids" have worked their way through all the easy stuff like cereal, pop tarts, and microwave popcorn to eat for dinner.

VOR: Yep, all the fruit is gone and the soup. They're down to eating p-nut butter sandwiches and eating tuna straight from the can.

NM: How much longer do you think they will last?

VOR: They're already starting to break. But I told them, in order for me to come off strike, they had to show me two consecutive days of complying with the chore list. The youngest cleaned her room yesterday, so we'll see if she's done her chores today. If so, that would be 2 days in a row so I might cook dinner for her and I tomorrow night. 

NM: You know, I may try this.

VOR: I'll let you know if it works.

NM: Knowing my wily bunch, they'd probably bring in SCABS to do their chores or cook if I went on strike.

VOR: Yea, I already thought of that. No SCABS allowed. 

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VOR said...

Update: Evidently my children WILL work for food. I started cooking on Day 6 after the trash, recyling, laundry and dishes started getting done, too. P.S. youngest cooked the dinner last night!