Friday, April 17, 2009


You may think my last post about being shocked at all the facial piercings flaunted by local high schoolers made me sound old, but here's something that makes me feel really old. I realized today that at some point along the way I started wearing shoes. All the time. Even indoors. What's up with that? I'm a Native Floridian for goodness sake! We don't need no stinkin' shoes! Especially in the house. 

Before the age of 30, I don't remember hardly ever wearing shoes, except at work. But as soon as I left the office, I'd toss the shoes in the backseat and they'd stay there until I needed them for work again the next day. It wasn't unusual for me to have 3 or 4 pairs of shoes in the car, like a rolling shoe closet. 

I drove my mother crazy by never having shoes on my feet. Especially when I got to be a teen and would take off for the day on my bike, or once I could drive, in my car, with no shoes. I used to keep a pair of shoes in the backseat of my car, just to appease mom. They were never on my feet. 

I went to a South Florida college and attended class barefoot nearly every day. Heck, some kids often had no more on than a bathing suit in class. So barefoot, no big deal. 

Now MiniMe wanders the earth without shoes. Beloved stays after her to put her shoes on before going outside, etc., but I don't push it too hard. After all, she is me. Since she took her first step, she has preferred to be barefoot. Like a true Florida girl.

I think I might just have to take a barefoot weekend. Avoid shoes at all costs. 

I know it is not socially acceptable most places to wander barefoot into public. But when did that happen? This is Florida? And please, all you germaphobes out there, don't chime in about unsanitary conditions. I'm not interested.


Cam said...

Ummm--what I'm wondering is how you got those dainty little tootsies in such a position as to photograph them so beautifully up in the air?? LOL

nativeMom said...

Cam - Lots of practice.

FYI - Accomplished a little barefoot'ism this weekend. Felt great!

Anonymous said...

my husband said that one summer he completely lost his one pair of shoes.... No one noticed for about a month or so - finally they had to go to church and his mom about had a breakdown when she realized they couldn't find them.