Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Because he can't find a real job

Sen. Jim King knows his time is running out. Term limits will force him out of his seat in the Legislature next year, where he's been since 1986. Prior to being a professional politician, King was in real estate. We all know how that industry is doing in Florida right now. So King obviously doesn't want to return to real estate. Not when he's used to the cushy life of benefits, state pension, voting himself a pay raise and being wined and dined by lobbyists. So he's planning on applying for the job of chancellor for the university system in Florida. 

Still wants to suck at the Florida teat. Remember, this is the same guy who thought raiding my child's Florida Prepaid College fund was a good idea.

Never mind that he's never taught a class at a Florida university. Never mind that he earned his bachelor's and master's in the 60's from Florida State University and doesn't hold a doctorate or probably even qualify for acceptance in a doctoral program. Every other Chancellor has held a doctoral degree and has University/College experience as a teacher and administrator. 

I guess being an old white guy who's spent the last 20 plus years being paid by the state makes him qualified?

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Island Rider said...

I believe this is the same guy who thinks taking my Florida State pension and investing it in the insurance hurricane catastrophic fund is also a good idea. No kidding. Not an April Fools joke though I read the article twice sure I would find out it was. I think when they take the oath of office aliens suck out all their brains.