Monday, March 30, 2009

Windsurfing, and other things dogs don't like

So I got to thinking after my last post about things that people think dogs will love to do . . .but they won't. Like windsurfing. Below is a list of the top 5 things dogs absolutely  do not like to do. So please, if you've got a dog, don't:

(5) Take your dog to the mall to have his photo taken with Santa (or the Easter Bunny). Have you ever noticed that no one really wants to see those pictures of your kid with Santa, much less your dog?

(4) Dress your dog in clothes. Really? What do you think that fur coat is for? The only exception is halloween, when dogs can wear costumes, but only if you let them trick or treat, too.

(3) Wear shoes or boots. Unless it's snowing or the pavement is 150 degrees . . .no wait. I take that back. Never. Put shoes. On your dog.

(2) Race around a dirt track chasing an electric rabbit while fat, old, drunken white people yell at you. 

(1) Push your dog in a wacked-out stroller. Dogs like to walk. And sniff. Riding in a stroller is humiliating, especially in front of other dogs.

I would promise to post a list of the top 5 things dogs love to do. But, if you have a dog, you know. That list is endless!!!


Anonymous said...

You can add over clipping/shaving their fur and placing little bows in the poofs that are left. Accept for a few breeds, possibly, dogs are happiest in their own fur. They are especially attached to the fur on their tail!

Anonymous said...

Actually Native Mum, i got a childs pram for my niece and my dog jumped in and fell asleep straight away, he loves it and he is more then happy to be in the pram when his doggie friends come over. he dress' up in winter when he has recently had a hair cut you might want to rethink your comment about fashion, if he doesn't wear a jumper he shivers. he is also celbratiy his birthday in a week and i have oganised a party with 3 of his pals so what do you think about that! he ENJOYS being spoiled and i am more than happy to make his life fun!!!

NativeMom said...

My, my, a pram preferring pooch! Must be a princess!