Monday, March 9, 2009

Now they're plotting to raid my kid's savings account?!?!

I got a question for our Florida legislators - yea that means you Evelyn Lynn and Jim King. WTF?! You've mismanaged Florida's budget and tax structure for years now (and both of you have had plenty of time to do it since you've served multiple terms), so now you're considering stealing money from MiniMe's college fund? 

Every parent, hell, every citizen, in Florida should be alarmed that our flegislators are looking at ways to raid the monies in the Florida Prepaid College fund. Don't believe me. Read here

Parents, like myself, sacrificed, planned and put forth no small sum of money (sometimes in monthly payments for 18 years) to ensure their child got at least a public university education. 

Who let Evelyn Lynn be the chair of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee? When she says things like this, I have to wonder if she passed Finance 101.

"We talked about the possibility if there was such money there, perhaps we could borrow that," said Sen. Evelyn Lynn, R-Ormond Beach, chair of the Senate higher education appropriations committee. 

Does the saying "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" mean anything to you? Keep your fingers off MiniMe's college fund!!!!

Update: 3/10/11: Me likee Alex Sink, Florida CFO. See why


VOR said...

Outrageous. Really and truly, outrageous. If you haven't yet a must read is "Florida, the Ponzi State", a very good (albeit terrifying) article that ran in the New Yorker Magazine in February. It's about the industry Florida has based it's economy and tax structure on for the last 60 years. The industry? Growth.

NativeMom said...

I think there may be a class action lawsuit possibility if the legislators raid this fund. Seriously.

Anonymous said...