Monday, March 30, 2009

Cedar Key update

So I didn't get a chance to let everyone know what a fantastic time we had in Cedar Key. This is a quaint little fishing village with a serious art problem. You might also refer to it as Clamalot, since the clamming industry, or aquaculture, is thriving there. The clam farmers lease underwater tracts of land from the state to produce their hard clams. I'm not sure where else you can lease ground that's underwater, maybe Fargo right now?

We ate at Nick's (thanks Floridacracker for the recommendation) and had some stellar clams and clam chowder. I'm a Minorcan Clam Chowder lover myself, but "when in Rome."

Just about everything about Cedar Key is truly lovely - from the people, to the historic homes and downtown area, to the restaurants and merchants, to the artists, to the abundant wildlife. Unfortunately, those pesky no-see-ums (or flying teeth) were abundant as well. Tip from me to you, bring bug spray, sunscreen and an agenda for lounging with you to Cedar Key.

Another tip for you windsurfers out there. Dogs don't enjoy windsurfing. At least, that’s the impression I got as we watched a windsurfer struggle on a breezeless day. On the board with him was a nondescript black dog wearing a lifejacket. He didn’t look happy. I mused that the dog was probably thinking “When we get back to shore, I’m pissing all over this board and you. Why couldn’t I have been adopted by a nice, little old lady? I’d be home sitting on someone’s lap right about now.”


Floridacracker said...

Windsurfing with a dog?
What a goofball.

Glad you enjoyed CKey. I'm with you on clam chowder preference!

Anonymous said...

You didn't reconize FC and Bear????
Hee hee,