Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gin Night

Tonight is Gin Night!!! One of my favorite nights of the week. Most Wednesdays, Wondertwin hosts all us girls for a game of gin at her place after work. Only we don't play cards, we drink gin. And sometimes wine. But mostly we talk and laugh. Good medicine.

It's only a happy hour thing. Everyone brings a snack or a bottle of wine to share. After about an hour, we all return to our regular lives, but for that hour, we're a happy, girly bunch! 

MiniMe experienced a little Florida girl version of Gin Night herself this week. Since it's the dreaded FCAT week (I know, I won't mention FCAT in my blogs anymore, it's getting tiresome), she and the other neighborhood kids haven't had homework. So Monday night, she and the little girl who lives next door were playing together while I cooked dinner. We refer to MiniMe and Neighbor Girl as the Sparkle Sisters, because they're just like sisters and leave sparkles (and other messes) where ever they go. 

In come the Sparkle Sisters and ask if they can sit in the hot tub after dinner. We're having some very pleasant spring like weather right now, and so I agreed to let them take a dip in the hot tub if they ate all their dinner. So after dinner, they hop into their bathing suits and pester Beloved until he stops what he's doing to get the hot tub bubbling for them. A half hour later, I find them sitting in the hot tub wearing snorkle masks and eating fudgesicles. 

A March evening in the hot tub eating fundgesicles with your best friend. That's what Florida Girl childhoods are made of. 

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