Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is Social Security?

For your amusement (and education), the following is a transcript of my conversation with MiniMe today as we sat outside Dairy Queen in the local strip mall, enjoying an ice cream treat.

MiniMe: There sure are a lot of old ladies shopping here today.

NativeMom: Yes there are and one day I hope to be one of them.

MiniMe: You want to be old?

NativeMom: I hope I make it to "old," besides, I'm looking forward to retiring one day. See those ladies (as I point to two very well dressed mature ladies carrying their shopping bags, walking along, laughing and talking)? One day I want that to be me. I'll spend a lovely sunny afternoon out shopping with my girlfriend when I'm retired.

MiniMe: But Mom, how can they shop if they don't work anymore? Where do they get the money to buy stuff?

NativeMom: Well, they work hard all their lives and at a certain age, they've saved money and invested and they have enough to live on so they don't have to work anymore. Also, there's social security, not that I'll ever get social security, but some retired people these days get social security each month.

MiniMe: What's social security?

NativeMom: You've never heard of social security? Well, it's (MiniMe interrupts)

MiniMe: Wait, wait, don't tell me!! I think I  know what social security is. It's when you don't work anymore but you still get money anyway. You get paid for doing nothing.

NativeMom: Well, not exactly . . . 

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