Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Wrong and What's Right in Florida

A very good example of what's right and what's wrong in Florida. Compare and contrast, Florida CFO Alex Sink and Fl Rep. Pat Patterson (R) DeLand

Alex Sink, you'll remember I mentioned her in a previous blog post. She's the plain speaking voice of reason in Tallahassee who said "Hell No" (her actual words) when Rep. Evelyn Lynne and Rep. Jim King were thinking about getting their grubby politician hands on my daughter's pre-paid college fund. Yesterday she focused the Alex Sink laser-beam on Rep. Pat Patterson, the best living example of good-old-boy, pompous arrogant, "what's in it for me" politician we have in Florida right now (well if you don't count Jim King). 

She called out Patterson, who chairs the House's Insurance Business and Financial Affairs Policy Committee, for refusing to even hear a bill that would protect Floridians, mostly seniors, from unscrupulous insurance agents. First of all, putting Patterson in charge of that committee is like putting the inmates in charge of the asylum. The bill would make it a third-degree felony to cheat seniors out of their assets. My theory, maybe Patterson would be one of the state's first convicted felons if this bill were to be made into law. 

Alex Sink's word for Patterson and his failure to do his job at the very least, "Appalling." I think she showed great restraint. 

Maybe we need to communicate to Patterson in a language he understands. Money. 

Patterson doesn't happen to be my insurance agent (thank god!), but there are plenty of people out there (and a lot of them seniors) who do have policies with Patterson. I suggest you good people pull your Allstate insurance policies from Patterson until he decides to do some work in Tallahassee, instead of play ball (or have lunch with, wine & dine with) the big insurance giants currently making money unscrupulously on the backs of Floridians. 

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