Monday, April 13, 2009

Cruisin' Chicks

MiniMe and I really enjoyed our week of cruising together. How proud am I of my little cruisin' chick? She was an excellent travel companion. She displayed great manners, got along well with our traveling companions, made new friends, budgeted her spending cash wisely, and was an absolute delight to spend the week with. Great mommy-daughter time!

How lucky am I to have such a wonderful daughter? How fortunate am I, especially in this economy, to have the opportunity to travel with my girl? The trip made me very thankful for my great family, friends and my life in general.  I highly reco
mmend stopping to smell the flowers every once in a while. 

Just a few highlights:
Free ice cream . . . for breakfast!
"Vegetarian" Pina Coladas
Towel animals waiting for our return to the room each evening. (though not that creepy monkey towel animal, ewww)
Learning to do magic card tricks 
Free ice cream . . .for lunch!
An iceskating show . . . at sea
Dinner with our great wait staff Dragos & Gilberto, who make napkins more fun each night
Coming out winners at the arcade and the casino
Free ice cream . . . for dinner!
Collecting shells in Belize . . unbelizeable!
Swimming & snorkeling in Cozumel
Picking fresh herbs in the Mayan garden
The wave pool
Checkers and treats in the late night Cosmo Lounge
Exploring 15 decks of cruising fun 


Island Rider said...

Sounds marvelous. What ship were you on?

Nativemom said...

Royal Caribbean. Though we've cruised Carnival and had just as good a time.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. This is Liba