Monday, February 1, 2010

No Running!

No that's not a Miss America sash MiniMe is wearing (at least not yet . . . ), it's her safety patrol belt. Today was the first day of her new responsibility as a Safety Patrol at her elementary school. She let me know that on this, her first day, she was assigned a very "high traffic" area, which only the most responsible of safety patrol students are assigned. So, with that in mind, I asked her share some tips for "staying safe" that I could pass along to all of you.

Here goes - top five:

Stay away from boys with baggy pants.
Do not walk in the street.
Don't run.
Wash your hands.
Stay away from strange dogs.


Island Rider said...

Very good advice, no matter what your age. Especially those boys in baggy pants.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Those sound like good rules to live by!

Anonymous said...

My boy got into the Safety Patrol crew this year, too. He was SO excited! (Especially when I told him that in year two he'll receive his school-issued taser...) :)

Native Mom said...

A school-issued Taser! That cracked me up!