Friday, February 5, 2010

Mardi Claws

So I spent some time giving a dog a bath today. Not my dogs, although they both could use a bath. I was cleaning up a dog named Penny who is up for adoption at the Halifax Humane Society. Back in September, I started a blog called Plain Brown Dog to help find a home for a dog I was fostering. The blog worked so well that I've continued to use it to help place other "plain dogs" in homes. Right now, my "guest blogger" at Plain Brown Dog is Penny (that's her in the photo above).

Tomorrow I'll be taking Penny to an event near my hometown called Mardi Claws. It is a pet event that features a pet parade where people dress up their pets Mardi Gras style. I do not plan to dress Penny in costume, but will help her look her best and spread the word that she's looking for a home.

My plan is to make a sandwich board like sign that says "Adopt Penny! Ask me How!" and make MiniMe wear it while I walk Penny in the parade. I don't think MiniMe is gonna go for this, so I will probably have to bribe her with ice cream or a sleepover party for her friends.

Wish me luck!

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Floridacracker said...

Good luck and bless you for helping Penny!