Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 Dog Night

At the encouragement of Beloved, I agreed to foster a dog again. The last time I fostered a dog was back in September and by blogging about her on one of my other blogs, Plain Brown Dog, I was able to get her a home within a week.

I've been blogging about this sweet dog Penny for more than a month. Sadly, despite my best efforts, she's had no one interested in her. Although she is an obvious favorite among the kennel staff and volunteers. If you ever find yourself in the position of adopting a dog, ask the shelter volunteers who are their favorites. The volunteers spend a lot of time with the animals and they know which ones have the most pet potential. And it usually isn't the cutest or smallest dog.

That's the case with Penny. I was surprised how quickly she settled into our home. She has no issues at all with other dogs, and luckily our dogs seem to be having no issues with her. She is a little starved for attention, but other than that has been completely well behaved, quiet, and friendly.

So now the hard  part begins again. I'll be Crazy Dog Lady campaigning to find her a home and using my blog as my main weapon. Wish me luck!

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