Monday, February 8, 2010

Nice day for a walk

A friend sent me a photo from this past weekend's Mardi Claws event. That's me, Native Mom, and MiniMe walking the lovely Penny in the photo above. We're surrounded by Halifax Humane Society volunteers. The HHS volunteers really came out in force this past weekend. I think they took all but about 4 dogs from the shelter to the event. A nice outing for the dogs. 

Beloved called me a Crazy Dog Lady again this weekend. As a public relations professional, I quickly corrected him with a more appropriate title. 

"No, I'm the Mother Theresa of Dogs"

Actually, all those ladies in blue shirts around us are the real heroes. They are at the shelter every week walking, grooming, feeding and helping out the animals there in so many ways. If that's what being a Crazy Dog Lady is all about, I aspire to be one someday!

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