Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mardi Claw update

So the mardi claws event was not much of a success. Very poor turnout and a volunteer took my Penny to the event before I could get to the shelter. No worries, at least Penny got to go. However, Kudos go to MiniMe who was more than willing to wear the sandwich board sign to promote Penny's adoption. I didn't even have to bribe her. What a great kid!


Floridacracker said...

I mostly remove them for inactivity or ... they just aren't interesting enough for me to visit very often.

Tammy said...

Ah ha! So now I know! lol The other night I was checking out the Halifax Humane Society's website and just happened to click on sweet-sweet Penny's bio. This wonderful and interesting blog popped up called the Plain Brown Dog. I had no idea Friday afternoon that I had been in the presence of this amazing and talented blogger. We had shared the grooming room, I offered to help you put Penny into the tub but before I could turn around you already had her mid-air. :) I too participated in the Mardi Claw by bringing HHS's Lala, a Shiba Inu sweetheart. I have to confess. Upon arriving at the shelter Saturday morning I noticed someone else holding Penny in the lobby. I mentioned that someone had bathed Penny the night before with intents of taking her to the Mardi Claws. I'm sorry, I wish I would of known to have spoke up further, I'm new at volunteering. Anyway like you had mentioned Penny did at least make it to the party and you did have a chance to parade her a little bit. By the way....I LOVE your Blog!