Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanksgiving at my place this year

In acknowledgement of the fact that I will be hosting the family for Thanksgiving this year, I took the preliminary steps toward getting prepared for my holiday hosting duties. That's right, I went out and bought the November issues of nearly every "food related" magazine on the market. My favorite, Everyday with Rachel Ray, is filled with recipes and plenty of "you can do it!" encouragment that make it seem as if pulling off Thanksgiving is as easy as a 30-minute-meal. 

It's not. But the folks at Everyday with Rachel Ray certainly make you feel that way. 

Then there's O the Oprah Magazine. I know, not a food magazine, right? But it has plenty of advice on how to spend a holiday with your dysfunctional family and stay sane. Forget the turkey, as a Southern born girl, the mom of a 'blended family' and with my very pregnant and moody sister in the mix, this is the kind of holiday survival guide I really need. Forget "how to make a perfectly moist thanksgiving turkey!" Oprah's the girl with advice like "how to serve the Thanksgiving turkey without having evil thoughts of your beloved family while you carve into the bird." 

My other magazine purchases included Budget Travel and Psychology Today. Need I say more?

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