Monday, November 30, 2009

My favorite part of thanksgiving

I hosted thanksgiving this year. My favorite part of the day was trying to explain to my favorite 90-year-old Mammaw the apps on my iPhone. It all started because my friends were HeyWAY'ing me. What's a HeyWAY you might ask? It's an app for my iPhone that lets my friends send me a location update and request my location update in return. This way we can keep track of where we all are at any given time - at home, on the beach, camping in the Florida wilderness. Why would you want to use HeyWAY (which stands for Hey, Where Are You?), you might be wondering. Because when you are actually someplace fun (like Disney World on a weekday or a beachside bar at 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon) while your friends are possibly stuck at work or at home with their kids, it is fun to use this to brag!!! Unless you are my friend Bob, who keeps sending me HeyWAY-like messages with pictures of his toilet to let me know he's in the bathroom . . . again. 

Anyway, I was showing my Mammaw my iPhone and trying to explain all the things I could do with it to her after our feast. Imagine trying to explain the concept of the internet, a cellular phone, and how they combine to create the iPhone to a 2-year-old who does not have the knowledge of terminology like "app", "wireless", GPS, etc. This was what I was facing in trying to explain iPhone technology to a lady who just learned how to use a DVD player. As I reached way back into the recesses of my vocabulary to try and explain my wonderphone-slash-mini-computer-with-internet-access-and-e-mail-capability-and-oh-yeah-it's-also-a-digital-camera, I not only got myself cracked up, but got her cracked up as well. We finally decided to leave it as a "mystery" not to be solved in her lifetime.

My second favorite moment of Thanksgiving (cause I know you're all just dyin' to know) was the success of my brussel sprouts. That's right, I said brussell sprouts. Not a favorite among vegetables. And when I let everyone know I'd be cookin' brussell sprouts for thanksgiving, I got a lot of "oh, okaaaayyyy" type of responses from my guests. Yet, when I served my roasted brussell sprouts, they were so tasty, they were the only side dish on the menu of which there were no leftovers. And .. .my favorite 90-year-old Mammaw even asked for the recipe. Twice. 

Which just goes to show, let a Vegetarian serve the side dishes for thanksgiving and leave the meat to the carnivores. 


Sandcastle Momma said...

I can just picture your grandmother watching your lips move and hearing a completely foreign language coming out of your mouth LOL
You'll have to post your recipe for the sprouts - I've never had any I liked but am willing to try again.

Anonymous said...

I love brussel sprouts! Please post the recipe. This is Lliba, BTW.

annabelle said...

love this one and thanks for the heyway app-- how could i be so clueless about this one? LOL