Monday, April 19, 2010

Save the Jellies!

Spent a cloudy, overcast Sunday at the beach with MiniMe and Sunshine Girl. It wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold, but I really need to have some sunshine on my shoulders to enjoy the beach. Not a requirement for merriment to ensue for the little girls with me.

After digging in the sand, collecting shells and catching sand fleas the girls decided to use their energies for a good cause. Saving jellyfish.

I watched as they took their shovels and bucket and carefully attempted to scoop up a jellyfish that had washed up on the beach. There was much squealing and flailing about as part these maneuvers. I wondered what they might do with the jellyfish once they got it into the bucket, hoping that their plan was not to come stick it in my face. But no, I was safe, because their plan was to "save" the jellyfish by releasing it back into the ocean.

Once the jellyfish was in the bucket, they waded into the surf. At this point it finally occurred to them that if they washed the jellyfish into water where they were standing, they might end up with jellyfish wrapped around them. So now they're knee deep in water with a (dead) jellyfish in a bucket and arguing (and squealing still) about the best way to "catch and release." Finally the braver of the two (Sunshine Girl) slowly dips the bucket into the water and MiniMe takes off running back to shore. With the jellyfish now "rescued" the girls excitedly run up to share their good deed with me.

"We rescued a jellyfish! Did you see us! It would have died on the shore but we put it back in the ocean! C'mon, let's go rescue another one!"

I didn't have the heart to tell them the jellyfish were already dead if they were washed up on shore. And I noticed later that they were probably "rescuing" the same dead jellyfish over and over again. But I was very pleased with their collective efforts to "do good."

Enjoy Earth Day this week (April 22) and do something small or large to help save the earth (or a few dead jellyfish if you prefer).


Dani said...

That is so cute of them!

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

That was really sweet of them to do that:)

Native Mom said...

Yes, no one thinks to save the lowly jellyfish. Kittens yes. Bunnies yes. But not jellyfish

SandArt said...

Every kind thing we do makes a difference! Good for them!