Monday, April 26, 2010

Lies Dads Tell

Is this you? Yes, I know it is the Coppertone kid, the iconic image that launched a sunscreen empire. But if you were 4 years old and your dad told you that it was a picture of you, would you believe him?

Well, Danger Mom did. Seems my friend was mortified as a child to find out that a picture of her with her lily white derrière showing for all the world to see was plastered over billboards and products across the Sunshine State. Everywhere she went, there was her naked self staring back at her. It was enough to give a kid a complex.

Only it wasn't her. Just one of those funny, harmless little lies dads tell their kids to amuse themselves.

Funny, huh? Funny that even now that she's in her 40s she still cringes at the site of that half-naked Coppertone girl.


Anonymous said...

can you imagine your dad telling you he went to school with Elvira, Queen of the Night. Funnier things have happened.

Catherine said...

Yes, my parents tried to tell me that about the Coppertone girl, but they never let my hair grow long enough for it to be convincing.