Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Native Tan

"Where are you from?"

That's the question I was asked by a man sitting next to me at the bar in a local restaurant my friends and I visited recently. I guess when you live in Florida, visitors naturally assume that everyone else they encounter is also there on vacation.

"I live here. I'm local," I answered.

"Oh, you live here? I guess I thought you were visiting since you're so white."

He meant my skin tone not my mannerisms or belief system I assumed.

I was not offended by his observation. After all, I'm a green eyed blonde. Not all Florida natives look like, er, natives. 

So I answer, "That's because when you grow up in Florida, you become aware of a little thing we call skin cancer. Most everyone I know that grew up here or has lived here a long time has had something cut or burned off them at some point. The dermatology industry is very healthy here - recession proof in fact."

Then I ask "Where are you from?"


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Suwanee Refugee said...

I'm beginning to think we need to have an education and driving test to pass into the best state in the Union. If they can't pass either then they have to clog up Ohio, not Florida.