Thursday, April 15, 2010

Produce Guide

Florida Agriculture recently posted a Produce Guide for Florida on its Facebook page. Who knew Florida produce had its own Facebook page? So how lame are you if you're not on Facebook yet when even vegetables and fruits are Facebooking?

Anyway, check out the produce guide here

I'm coming up on my third anniversary of vegetarianism. It's been a journey and I've learned a lot. If you know of any produce related special events in your area, I'd love to hear about them and post them on the blog. For instance, Plant City has the Florida Strawberry Festival (too late for anyone wanting to attend, it was back in March). Zellwood has its Sweet Corn Festival in May.

If you ask me, Floridians are a little obsessed with food-related festivals and special events. You can't throw a rock from anyplace in Florida without it landing in a seafood festival. Send me the dates of your local festivals. I just may eat my way across the state this year (burp!).


Suwanee Refugee said...

I've often thought about doing more types of road trips in Florida like wineries or lighthouse. Now I can add seafood festivals.

A.Berry said...

Obsessed? You gotta be kidding. Florida is ranked 4th in agriculture in the United States! I think it something great to celebrate.
By the way, if you had breakfast today, thank a farmer!!!

NativeMom said...

A.Berry, believe me I celebrate it as often as possible!

Suwanee, wine goes great with seafood festivals!