Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stimulating the economy

In an effort to stimulate our local economy and squeeze every last bit of fun out of summer, Wondertwin and I have  been trying to organize a stay at a local non-chain beachside hotel for the last weekend before school starts. Sure, it might be just a few miles from the house, but this way we get to enjoy someone else's place, not have to clean up after ourselves, and the kids have both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, so afternoon thunderstorms be damned! And did I forget to mention they have a tiki bar? 

Only thing is, our friend Capt. Gin Girl is not cooperating. She's on a "no spending" plan, meaning unless it involves food or living necessities, she's not spending money. And considering she is the most disciplined person I know, she means business. Capt. Gin Girl gets up every morning before dawn to work out. She watches her diet religiously and enforces time for herself every week on Wednesdays when she goes bowling on a league that does not involve her husband or kids. She assigns chores to her kids every week,  which they actually complete. She's really a model of living for me. 

But how to convince her that she should spend the money to stay in the hotel with us for the last weekend of summer? I mean we could go without her, but what fun would that be? Who would plan all the activities? Who would keep the kids in line? 

I think Wondertwin and I are going to have to dig up a coupon or something to ensure her participation. 

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