Friday, July 24, 2009

Mother Daughter Day in Sunny FLA!

Here's what a mother-daughter day is like here in sunny Florida.

I took the afternoon off and took MiniMe and her friend SunnyGirl to see the GForce Guinea Pig movie in 3D. But first, we started with lunch at TGIF. Then a walk at our sunny beach boardwalk. Finally, we queued up to get our popcorn, candy and drinks AND our COOL 3D glasses. We wanted to take our guinea pig - pictured above with the girls - but health codes and all. 

We had a great time. The girls were happy, funny, and loved the movie. They kept me entertained by singing Kelly Clarkson songs on the way there and back. And when we got home, our guinea pig got a lot of attention. In fact, the photo above shows Cookie the guinea pig enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the pool while the girls swim. 

Don't worry, I just posed for the shot. The girls did bring Cookie to the pool with them, but she's protected in a cool, shady area inside her little guinea pig hut. 

How is that kids can remember every single line of a movie they just saw? MiniMe and SunnyGirl are acting out scenes from GForce in the pool and I swear they know every line!

Fun day!


Island Rider said...

Sweet. And FYI, I love your new header!

SunnyGirl's Mom said...

Um, yeah--SunnyGirl's Mom is obviously failing at the job of teaching her manners in public...MiniMe is at least blowing kisses to her adoring public! Sigh ;-)

Native Mom said...

Don't worry SunnyGirl's Mom, I asked them to give me a silly pose. And MiniMe wasn't blowing kisses, she was kissing the pig's butt.

Native Mom said...

Thanks for everyone's nice comments on the new header!