Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guinea Pigs!! IN 3D!!

Tomorrow I am taking time off from work to go see that new GForce movie - the one starring the guinea pigs - and I'm seeing it in 3D! Oh yeah, I'm also taking MiniMe and a friend along, although they are not nearly as excited about it as me. 

To say I am a fan of guinea pigs would be an understatement. It was the first pet MiniMe ever had and that guinea pig - the famous and much loved Sugar - stole all our hearts. We had her about 4 years and I held her and cried when she passed. We have more pictures of Sugar than we do of all our kids combined. That's because we loved her more.

Just kiddin'.

Sugar was the little sister MiniMe never had. I remember when MiniMe was about 2 and a half and she was outside playing with Sugar. She was pulling Sugar around the front yard in her little red wagon, when catastrophe struck! MiniMe tripped and busted her lip open. She began to scream hysterically and I ran over, scooped her up and went into the house to clean her up and stop the bleeding. Only about an hour later did I remember Sugar.

Any other guinea pig would have made a break for it. Not Sugar. She was kinda like those Wegmen dogs. You could put her someplace and she'd sit there and not move for hours. 
Poor Sugar had been ejected from the wagon during the accident. I found her sitting in the grass, looking a little dazed, about 2 feet away from the overturned wagon. 

This particular "staying" talent made Sugar the best at hide and seek. MiniMe, in a pathetic demonstration of her loneliness at being an only child, used to play hide and seek with Sugar. She would take Sugar and "hide" her someplace. Then she'd run back to homebase, close her eyes and count to 10, then go see if she could "find" Sugar. That guinea pig was easy to find because she was always exactly where MiniMe left her - behind a bush in the front yard, under the car in the garage, behind a cushion on the couch, in a cabinet in the kitchen. That crazy Sugar!

So tomorrow, when we all go see GForce, I'll be remembering Sugar. When we buried Sugar, MiniMe wanted to say a few words at her funeral. I'll never forget my little girl, in her somber tone saying "Sugar, you were the best guinea pig we could afford."

Sugar, we'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

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Island Rider said...

Too funny! Enjoy the movie!