Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter, Scrambled eggs and Ladies Night

I thought about changing the picture on my website header, but let's face it, that's what keeps people coming back - two hot guys - not my writing. So you'll just have to put up with it (enjoy it) a little longer.

Enjoying a late lunch with a few lady friends today - Shout out to Wondertwin and DangerMom! We were completely owning the fact that we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with so many things to do and enjoy. Dangermom just got back from a family event in Wisconsin. Nothing against the cheese state, but she was in a particular desolate area of Wisconsin and was mighty glad to be back home. 

Tonight was ladies night. Every Wednesday night, my lady friends and I gather for some girlfriend time. Atkins friendly snacks, wine, gin, gossip and trashy magazines. We might get less than an hour most weeks before the regular world comes crashing in on us in the form of kids and family and responsibilities, but hey, a little time is better than no time at all. 

But, highlight of the day. Not ladies night. Not girlfriend lunch. It was getting to see what Lance Armstrong ate for breakfast before going on the 11th stage of the Tour de France. I have to admit, I am late to embrace Twitter, but I've been following Lance Armstrong's Twitter this week and it's taken my love of everything Tour and Lance to a whole new level. Lance has been twittering several times a day and this morning he took a snapshot of his breakfast (scrambled eggs and rice) and posted it to his twitter page. I was so excited about being an "insider" on Lance's race day prep, that I accidently walked into the men's room instead of the ladies room at lunch today. 

Go Lance! Go Astana! 

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Floridacracker said...

Actually, it's not their picture that brings me back.

I signed up for twitter but have yet to actually use it.