Monday, July 20, 2009

Model Behavior

I got a call this week from the mom of one of MiniMe's best friends. This little girl and MiniMe have been great friends since pre-k, even though they haven't attended the same school together since kindergarten. 

Anyway, the mom says she's been talking to some "agencies" about signing her daughter up for some modeling. And one of the agencies recommended her daughter take an etiquette class this summer. So the mom was calling to see if I knew of any etiquette classes being offered and if MiniMe might want to attend the class, too.

The silence on my end of the phone was deafening. All I could think was "Well, I guess if it was 1950 I would sign MiniMe up for an etiquette class. Wouldn't want her to be unprepared for being a good wife and mother."

C'mon!!! Etiquette class? Do the "agencies" recommend that the boys take etiquette class, too, or is it just for girls?

I would sign her up for GatorWrasslin 101 before I'd sign her up for etiquette class. And as far as modeling goes, while MiniMe may love to pose for the camera (see above), I won't be suggesting she pursue it as her life ambition. I mean if she became a model, what would I do with that Florida PrePaid College plan? Besides, I'd make a terrible stage mom (I'm barely a good suburban mom), and MiniMe would suck at snorting crack and not eating for days at a time. 


Sandcastle Momma said...

My kids got etiquette lessons when they were small - from me. Don't eat with your fingers, stand up straight and don't back talk your mother LOL
What do they teach in real etiquiette classes? And what does that have to do with modeling?

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I did the exact same thing as Sandcastle Momma."Shut up,and do as I say."