Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mommy's Hurt!

Over the weekend, Wondertwin took an unfortunate tumble on her surfboard and ended up with over 15 stitches in her left ankle. Luckily for her, Beloved happened to be surfing with her and her kids that morning and was able to come to the rescue. Not only did he help her from the water and administer emergency first aid on the beach (while the teenage lifeguard stood there helplessly trying not to puke), he picked her up "Officer and a Gentleman" style and carried her to the emergency room. That's where I caught up with them.

I found Beloved in the emergency room waiting area soaking wet, covered in sand with Wondertwin's two kids Thing 1 and Thing 2, also soaking wet, wrapped in beach towels and hospital blankets. Thing 1, a girl aged 13, was holding up quite well. Thing 2, a charming boy of 11 and the more sensitive of the two, started to cry when I walked through the door. So as I held Thing 2 and assured him mommy would be ok, Thing 1 was all questions. 

"What happens when you get stitches? How do they get the stitches in you? Do they use a big needle? Is it regular sewing thread or special person thread? Have you ever had stitches? Does it hurt? How do they get the stitches out?

Beloved was patiently and animatedly answering all her questions. Her wonderment and enthusiasm at the entire process leads me to think she's got a future as an emergency room doctor. Or a coroner. Or maybe one of those special effects movie masters.

Thing 2 meanwhile has a future as a world class cuddlebunny.

Wondertwin has a future as a tough as nails surfer chick . . .oh wait, she already is. 

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