Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Girl!

My sister is having a little girl! And if there was any doubt this long awaited only-child will be spoiled, consider that my sister and her wonderful hubby have already bought the girly some shoes. Not just one pair, either.

I don't know what Sissy is thinking about in terms of a name. She won't tell me. And everytime I suggest a name, she says "No that's a White Trash girl's name," or "I'm not naming her after a cartoon character!"

But what I do know, is that any little girl in our bloodline will probably be:
  • stubborn
  • sassy
  • crazy funny
  • witty & sarcastic
  • creative
  • hairy
  • smart but math challenged
  • a good eater
  • a natural born shopper & shoe lover
  • freckled
  • skinny
  • opinionated
and most of all . . . A Florida native!


Island Rider said...

Congrats to your sister and to you, who now have a reason to shop on the pink aisle at Toys R Us!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Congratulations to your sister!
Baby girls are so sweet and much more fun to shop for so I can understand the shoe thing LOL

Kimberlee said...

Love your photo of all the shoes! Precious!