Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sign of the Times

A friend of mine posted this on his facebook page. I loved it and decided to share (I hate you bike thief!!). It got me thinking about all the ways I could incorporate this person's philosophy into my own life. Don't just get mad, post a sign!

Signs I should have posted recently:

Attached to the check I wrote to the John Hall Chevrolet Service Department 2 weeks ago, the sign would read:

I don't know why I'm paying you. You did a crappy job. Warranties are a rip off. But shame on me for paying for the warranty to begin with. I'll never purchase another warranty in my life because I might as well throw money in the wind. And by the way, Angie the service rep, you can't spell "bitch" with the letters in 'customer service', but nice try.

On a cocktail napkin at the overly expensive bar where I was stuck while attending a conference in Boca Raton recently.

Wow! $12 for a glass of crappy chardonnay? That takes guts! I can honestly say it was the worst chardonnay I've ever had. I think maybe it was because it was hard to enjoy the wine while I was still choking on the ridiculous tab. What the hell is wrong with you folks in Boca Raton? Do you have to pay three times as much for everything just to make yourselves feel superior. I got news for you, my Target box of wine is superior to your chardonnay everyday!

Whew, that feels better. 


Anonymous said...

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ChrisC and JonJ said...

I have thought of doing the same thing many times.Once I wrote "nothing" on the "for" part of the check.It just made me feel better......

Island Rider said...

Off to compose a letter to the Republican Party who had the nerve to ask me for a contribution and my dermetologist who cannot reschedule my November appointment for another seven months! ;0)

Native Mom said...

YES!!! I've started a movement!

a corgi said...

thanks for visiting our blog! anyone that has a tri-colored is a friend of ours for sure!

I loved this post; I can sure relate. I think it is cheap therapy. Instead of getting too upset about it, write a letter, perhaps send it one time too

cute blog you have :)