Monday, February 2, 2009

It's not a Rap movie

How sick of homework do you have to be to agree to go see a movie you've never heard of with (ack!) your stepmother. 

I'd say desperate, because when I announced that I wanted to go see Slumdog Millionaire Sunday, Youngest Stepson laughed and wandered off and Beloved quickly passed. To my surprise, Favorite Stepdaughter chimed in with an "I'll go see it with you."  

Hmmm. Maybe I'm growing on this kid, I thought to myself. She's agreeing to go see a movie with me even though her dad, her brother, no one else is coming. Just me and her. Strange.

But as we took our seats in the theater I learned that she was looking for anything to get her out of the house and away from homework. In fact, she'd never heard of Slumdog Millionaire and thought she was going to see some movie involving Rap artists. I guess Slumdog Millionaire does sound like the name of a Rap group. 

I live in a rather small, fairly conservative Florida town. I pointed out to Favorite Stepdaughter that she was the youngest person in the theater at the 1 p.m. Sunday matinee. Everyone else seemed to be over the age of 65. 

Now, I loves me some old people. And one day I hope to be happily one of the oldest people you'll ever meet. But have you ever been in a theater full of seniors? They are so loud! Forget teens with their cell phones and smart attitudes, seeing a movie with seniors can be downright annoying. They talk really loud during the movie because at least one member of their party can't hear a darn thing the actors are saying, gets lost and keeps asking, what's he saying, why is he doing that, what did she say? You get the picture.

Last time I saw a movie with so many seniors it was 3 years ago - a matinee showing of Brokeback Mountain. I was surprised to say the least that so many white, upper and middle class seniors would turn out for a movie about gay cowboys. Though maybe they didn't know the "gay" part and just heard it was a cowboy movie and that's why they were there. I know 
that the couple sitting right next to me in the packed theatre didn't anticipate the scene of forbidden love and were actually quite confused by it. I know this because the husband of the senior couple sitting next to me kept asking questions loudly to his wife, who may have been equally hard-of-hearing throughout the  movie. "What are they doing" was the question he asked his wife during the controversial scene between hunky Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhal. Which was followed by "what was that, what just happened." Luckily his wife didn't go into a long explanation.

Yes, it was funny, but also annoying. 

I know it's just the Oscar nominations that brings this crowd to the theater. As my Favorite Stepdaughter mused when scanning the audience, maybe seniors just have more cultured tastes in movies. Or maybe they thought they were there to see PDiddy, Chris Brown, and their Rap star brothers 'bringin' down the houze!'

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