Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bike Week Witch

I found her! The mythical Wicked Witch of Bike Week. Actually, there may be more than one Wicked Witch of Bike Week, but I found our hideous local hag when I opened my morning paper. The Daytona Beach News Journal has this columnist, and I use this term loosely, who is predicting that if Daytona continues on its evil path of Bike Week encouragement, we'll chase away all others who might want to visit here, namely families. 

I have news for Witch Hesterock, I actually have family coming into town for bike week. So do many other people I know.

My daughter asked me yesterday if it was true that blonde people are not as smart as other people. It gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce a new word to her fourth grade vocabulary - stereotype. 

Bikers aren't all drunks and exhibitionists. And Bikers are great for the economy. Beloved pointed out this weekend that little Daytona Beach has a store for just about every manufacturer of Bike there is - Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, HD, BMW, MotoGuzzi, you name it and you can buy it here in Daytona. That's rare. And it means more motorcycles are puchased in Daytona than just about anywhere else on earth. That's good for our economy. 

Yesterday, I was running errands and came across several visitors in town for bike week. And no, I wasn't bar hopping. Saw my first group at Walgreens, where they were buying sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, etc. As I passed them leaving the store, I said "Welcome to Bike Week!"

"Thanks" they grinned, looking a little surprised some random woman would extend greetings.

"We're glad you're here. Ride safe!" I said. Only I should have told them to beware the Wicked Witch of Bike Week who's out spreading doom and gloom using stereotypes. 

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