Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GenX Moms

I've always tried to encourage MiniMe that she can ask me anything. To that end, I've never responded to a single question she poses with "Why do you want to know." I figure if she asks me a question, like, oh, I don't know, "what's a lesbian?" and I say "Why do you want to know," I might as well tell her "You shouldn't be asking that question." So far, this philosophy has worked well for me. And yes, I got the "what's a lesbian" question when she was in first grade.

So last night, MiniMe asks, "What's a promise ring?" Now being a GenX mom, the first thing I think of is a small token a young man might give to a young woman when they're dating, but too young to consider marriage. And so that's how I explain it to MiniMe. Only she looks at me really strange. Then I realize, oh, she's talking about that Jonas Brothers type promise ring. The one that teens will sometimes wear to show they intend to stay pure until marriage. Yeah, as a GenX mom, I'm not real familiar with that kind of promise ring. In my day we would have called that a chastity belt. 

So I say, "Did you mean the kind of promise ring the Jonas Brothers wear?" She pipes up, "Yea, what's that!" in a way that says "ok uncool mom, now you get it!"

Well, I say, that kind of promise ring is a ring either a young man or a young woman will wear that is sign to others that they will stay a virgin until they are married. 

"What? Really? Until they're married?" now she seems even more confused. 

Yes. They wear the ring to show they intend to stay a virgin until they are married. You know what a virgin is, right? (I mean if she knew what a lesbian was at age 6, I figured she knew what a virgin was. We had the sex talk when she was 7). 

"Yea, I know what a virgin is. It's someone who doesn't eat eggs or milk or cheese."

Um, no, that's a vegan, I say. Sounds kinda the same, huh? And I explain the difference without laughing, I might add. No small feat. 

I can only imagine what she must have thought. Teens wear a ring to show they won't eat eggs, or milk, or cheese until they're married. 


CHEF TROLL said...

That's pretty funny. Would have been funnier if you'd just said "Yes" to the Vegan/Virgin thing and walked away humming though.

Sissy said...

Vegan..Virgin..she was right actually. Virgins don't eat meat either.

Cam said...

Snort! I guess it depends on how narrowly you define virgin....

NativeMom said...

Yea, I could've just let her think they were the same thing. But then when she got older and boy crazy, I definitely would want her to know the difference. There's somethings I want her to stay away from until she's older, and I'm not just taking cheese here.