Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bake Sale for Concealed Weapons

Well my previous post questioning our lawmakers decision to direct budget funds to clear the backlog of concealed weapons permits cause a little bit of a fracas. The only thing that gets people more fired up than the issue of gun ownership is abortion. And no, I will not be tackling that issue.

But it occurred to me that if the state is having trouble keeping up with processing concealed weapons applications and needs to hire additional workers to unjam the backlog, maybe gun enthusiasts could hold a bake sale to raise monies. Or perhaps a car wash. Maybe they could sell tins of popcorn and pretzels. 

I mean, that's what our kids have been doing for years to keep their schools and sports programs alive. 

I know, gun enthusiasts could try selling magazine subscriptions.


Island Rider said...

Too funny. You are right on.

Anonymous said...

How about raising taxes to
pay for education?

Yeah, that'll go over at first like a "Go Dawgs" T-shirt at a UF frat party, but someone's gotta
try it or it will never

Or maybe just spend the
money the gun enthusiasts
*already paid* and be happy
with the Exxon-style profit
percentage (40-50%) the state is making on these permits.

Or do the 'morally correct'
thing, do nothing, get sued and lose, costing the state millions. *That'll*
show 'em that Florida is
serious about education!