Monday, May 17, 2010

Surf Girls

Several of my girlfriends have been bitten by the bug. The surfing bug. Only every now and then, the bug bites back. Last year it was Wondertwin who sustained a surfing-related injury that beached her for a little over a month. This weekend it was SandArt who was on the receiving end of a nibble. Four stitches and a knee brace later and she was good to go.

Don't feel sorry for them though. These ladies wear their surf wounds with pride. And they should since paddling those long boards through the challenging surf of Daytona Beach then popping up into a cresting wave driving you toward the beach is not an activity for couch potatoes. So the bumps, scrapes, bruises and stitches are the trade off for buff arms and abs and the chance to spend a day in the ocean alongside the dolphins.

Lest you lady readers out there think surfing would be out of reach for you, there are plenty of opportunities to learn to surf at any age. Surf camps, women-only surf lessons and the like are becoming increasingly more popular and easier to find. If I've scared you off giving surfing a try with the stories of war wounds among my women friends, keep in mind the saying - no pain, no gain!


The Florida Blogger said...

Growing up in Florida you'd of thought that I would have at least gotten on a surfboard. Nope. I feel slighted because it. I've done a bit of kiteboarding and wind surfing. Does that count??

Island Rider said...

I don't think they make wet suits in my size!

Floridacracker said...

I grew up on a surfboard, but living on this quieter coast now, I had to send my 3 kids to surf camp at Crescent Beach.
Hooray for these ladies!! Surfing is such a blast.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I used to love to surf but here in the panhandle our best waves are in the winter and even with a wetsuit I can't handle cold water. I tried surfing in Hawaii once and damn near killed myself - those waves are nothing like ours LOL

Native Mom said...

Who knew so many people had surf pasts or harbored secret surf wahini dreams? Thanks all you folks for sharing!