Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florida Facts from MiniMe

MiniMe informed me today that her class is taking a field trip to Silver Springs. I was surprised to hear they were going on a field trip that is so far away from school, but also very pleased that they were visiting one of Florida's first "theme parks."

I said to MiniMe, "you know Silver Springs was one of the very first theme park attractions to open in Florida."

I know, she replies. I've been on the glass bottom boats and we get to go on the boats again for our field trip. And they filmed the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon there.

"That's right," I answered surprised.

They also filmed some of the movie Hoot there. Remember, I read the book.

"I did not know that," I answered.

So proud I am of my little Florida girl for knowing so much about one of our state's treasures. You can learn more about the history of this little gem here.

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Shellbelle said...

Ah, Silver Springs, a wonderful place to visit on a hot, Florida day.

Thanks for stopping by, I've missed blogging so much! I moved just across the border from Florida, literally! From the riverfront park downtown I can see Florida on the other side, lol.

My cousin has promised to take me to some local springs now that the weather has turned hot.

I've read back and I see your quick wit is still there, loved the tourist vs. native entry. Girl, you crack me up!