Monday, May 3, 2010

Recyled Science Project

I am very proud of MiniMe for the work she (we) did on her science project. Her project demonstrated how different materials can be recycled into writing paper. We spent weeks making paper, charting our progress and observations. And since she's as creative as her mom, the display board was awesome. MiniMe had the only project in the entire 5th grade at her school that addressed recycling - and this during the month of April when we celebrate Earth Day.

We both had high expectations that her project would be among the top 7 in her school to advance to regionals. So when she called to give me the news, we were both very disappointed.

"Mom, they had the judging for the science projects. Mine didn't make it into the top 7."

What?!? But you were the only one with a recycling project.

"I know! Jennifer's project was a winner. So was Carly's"

But your project was better than both of theirs. Must have been that Russian judge.




Anonymous said...

She wuz robbed. The display looked great and the idea was very much of the moment.

The East German judge was also an obvious problem.

Redneck Rebels Geocaching Adventures said...

I agree with gainesville - she was robbed. Good job MiniMe!

Native Mom said...

You guys are the best! We, I mean She, worked so hard on that project. Thanks for your support!