Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom Overdose!

Here it is, 9 p.m. on a Thursday night, my hands are sticky from using the glue stick and I'm gonna be doing laundry till midnight. Why? Because I'm on MOM OVERDOSE! 

I'm packing for the trip MiniMe and I are taking with her girl scout troop this weekend to Savannah. Three days of girl scouting and sightseeing. I'm betting that before we even cross the state line, there will be some whining going on (and no, it won't be from me). Get a bunch of hormonal girls together, shove them and all their overstuffed luggage into minivans, drive for 4 hours while eating junk food, watching movies and playing Nintendo DS while our ears bleed from the latest Jonas Brothers tune. 

So tonight I'm washing clothes, including the girl scout uniform. I just got finished making (from scratch) invitations for MiniMe's birthday party next weekend. My hands are sticky from the glue and now I've got to sew on patches to the girl scout vest. 

A weekend full of girl scouts and what do I have to look forward to? Next weekend stuck in a beachside hotel with MiniMe and her 6 friends for an overnight birthday beach bash (I wonder if that hotel has a spa?!?). 

Please Send VALIUM!!!


Floridacracker said...

Oh my ... good luck with that!

VOR said...

In my book you're definitely in the running for an MOY award (Mom Of The Year). MiniMe is a lucky girl, though it may be a few more years (okay, maybe more than a few)before she can truly appreciate this.