Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Giraffe Medicine

What do these two animals have in common? They are both allergic to Florida. 

My veterinarian is determined to try and find a way to help dogs like my Scout who is allergic to the earth. Apparently, my wonderdog is not the only canine he's seeing absolutely ravaged by the allergy season right now. Even after more than 2 years of allergy shots, my dog is still miserable, scratching himself raw and losing hair. The neighbors must think I run secret cosmetic company animal testing experiments on him or something, he looks so pathetic. 

Did I mention my veterinarian is determined? Here's the latest. He's been doing some research and found another animal that has severe allergies, especially in the Florida climate, and doesn't seem to respond to most treatments is . . . .the giraffe. 

Of course. 

So Dr. Determined calls the good folks at Disney's Animal Kingdom. They tell him, yes, the giraffes have allergies. But, apparently, they've come up with some new drug treatment that actually seems to help. So Dr. Determined worked with the Disney vets to see if my dog Scout and a few other of his "patients" could benefit from this medication. Perhaps if the Disney drug helps giraffes, it might work for dogs, too. 

Giraffe medicine. Wonder how much that will cost me?


Sandcastle Momma said...

What a great vet to go that extra step and really look for a cure. Most would just shrug and tell you they'd tried all they could.
I hope it works - your poor dog sounds miserable.

Of course the vet now has the key to the magic potion and I'd say the price of giraffe medicine is about to go up. I'd stock up before he realizes what a gold mine he's stumbled on LOL

Sissy said...

Has scouts neck gotten longer?

NativeMom said...

He's still short and stubby, but the might Scout is starting to feel much better. Giraffe medicine just might work!